I'm not sure how I got round to doing what i'm about to show you, but since my friend started building the Lick That Bowl website a few weeks back, we've been playing around with visuals and photographs, usually ending up with a conversation about buying a warehouse and turning it into the most multi-use venue / shop / studio ever. (which we will do eventually).

A woman from India called the studio randomly, it was nothing more than a cold call asking if we needed any apps developed for iOS or Android.

We did not.

However, we took it upon ourselves to lead the woman on into thinking that we were potential clients, the projects we asked her and her "team of 100" to do were a little impractical to say the least. I think at one point, my friend suggested that he needed an app that would tell his wives to shut up and make dinner, but then it changed to an app that screamed at his wife whenever she went near the phone.

Apparently, if you name it, they'll promise to build it.

This all lead me to thinking that Lick That Bowl could use an app, a very simple eCommerce app, ( although i'm not sure if eCommerce apps are the completely wrong way to take a shop that sells such a small amount of products: a responsive website would be easier & widely more accessible because not everyone has an iPhone, iPad or anything iOS related).

With a shiny app though comes the gorgeous Retina Screens, making me think that the images that we take of the Cupcakes might not work as well... No, that's not entirely true, I wanted to give the cupcakes a more crisper touch, something that can be lit, shaped, angled, floating, explode etc.

So I set out to create / recreate the cupcakes in 3D...Lets just say that it took a few attempts to get it right...

Currently, I'm Rendering out a box of twelve cupcakes. All random flavours. I've rendered it out about 20 times. Each time playing with the lighting a bit. Or making mistakes: I do this a lot. But that's fine, you NEED to make mistakes.


For example, I forgot to include the actual cupcakes at one point.

I'll keep at it for now.

Are they looking real enough?