Custom artist centric brushes for procreate

I’m a fan of proceate. I sold all my Cintiq’s, bought an iPad and hit the road. On this road though, I realised that I needed some brushes. So I made a few.

Now I’m constantly developing more and more brushes and adding them to a long list of ‘artist brushes for procreate’. This means that this journey has no end in sight, so please download them, play with them and show me what you can do! If you email me your pictures, I’ll post them on here ❤️

Download Procreate brushes

Mezzotint shaders for Procreate

That grainy gradient that you see in contemporary illustration, used as brush, smudge or eraser, it helps you give a stylistic touch to flat illustrations. Works really well with geometric shapes, requires some work with angling. The brush gives you gradients with mezzotint to work with. Buy Mezzotint brushes

Ballpoint pens for Procreate

Needed a pen for doodling and quick drawing. This pen can be used for writing too, but by hand writing is either written for a children's book or illegible, so I use this strictly for drawing Download ballpoint pens

Watercolours for Procreate

I spent a while just painting with inks and watercolours, trying to understand how to make the same effects in Procreate. I'm determined to carry on develop these brushes, hence why these ones aren't free - but i'm trying to find a solution for bleeding inks together, softening the inner stroke and giving that realistic feel to the brushes. So far, there are around 23 brushes here, I've got ~50 in total i'm working with, each being tweaked and realised when I'm happy with them. Buy watercolour brushes

Victore for Procreate

Another illustrator i'm a fan of, James Victore, he's got a wicked hand when it comes to nice big painted, inked, don't give a damn strokes. Often used for typography, but gives out a Japanese brush feel when used with drawing. Download Victore

Pilot parallel brushes for procreate

Another brush inspired by Ashley Wood, this pen requires you to move around the iPad a bit more than you would... or move the iPad around a bit more. When you want those angles and that choppy thick line work, you can use this with the halftone to make some great comic work Download Pilot brushes

Halftone brushes for Procreate

I'm a fan of halftone. Ever since I got into Ashley Woods illustrations many years ago, since then, i've tried to use halftone in most of the illustration work I've done. I've tried to make some that aren't just your average pattern so you can get a nice realistic feel. Download halftone brushes