This is my go to camera.

mostly because I can’t afford the update to the xpro2, but mostly because it’s a solid camera that outperforms so many cameras in terms of quality of image produced.the one thing that has always got me though is the speed of the thing.

There are times when I think that the cameras auto focus is too slow, or that there’s a strange delay between taking a picture and pushing the shutter button.

But I solved it.

I’ve taken that tiny exposure delay to nothing and simply reduced the camera to taking pictures when I want to. There is one simple setting in the menu that helps reduce the time between pushing the shutter and taking the photo.


This mode just solves your speed issues. Turn it on. It stops the camera from having to check the exposure is correct when you push the shutter and just keeps it constant. That way, you can focus on what you’re doing without worrying about that delay.