I've never really been clean-shaven, I mean, not since I could actually grow hair on places other than my scalp.

The realisation of how young I look when I shave creates a regret driven question at the front of my mind, "why?". Ive felt the same thought every time I've shaved, which as let my face to be unshaven for most of my adult face. In hindsight, I should have perceived... Persevered? I've lost practice of words, per se ve r ed seems right, but I'll have to check back When im not on my iPhone. In hindsight, I should have persevered through the naïveté of thinking I looked young, because now I have a patch of skin that grows no hair, no sideburns and tiny patches of nothing at the sides of my mouth.

So to the point i hand, i don't know if this will help, but to all of April, I'm going to shave everyday. I don't know what benefits this will have on me if any, maybe it'll just induce a state of contentment when I look in the mirror, or maybe I'll end up looking like I've been on a polar expedition. Either way, I'm going to need some new blades & some shaving foam.