Today, I started learning Ruby on rails. My initial thoughts were, "It seems simple enough to grasp". After spending a whole day installing and reinstalling 'gems' and updating out of date 'OpenSSL' things, I realised that maybe it won't be as simple as it seems.

I have three projects on my list that i want to tackle with RoR [Ruby on Rails], all of which aren't huge projects, but are things that have some significant value to me. The general theme of these sites are:

  1. EyeVersusEye - Fun way of pushing your ideas further
  2. Framerates - Hand Picked Photographer Collective
  3. Tutorials(wip) - Tutorials, but very niche

Why learn RoR when you already know some PHP? Why not continue with PHP?

Simply put, I don't want to learn php. My friends know php, but they've been developing for it for years, so they're far more advanced than i am, and more than I've ever be. I've come to accept this. I'm sick of having to depend on them when I need something building. I don't like waiting for something to happen: The worst scenarios are when i'm passionate about building a website, but the coders & developers aren't, so they don't put the same enthusiasm into the project as i do, which usually ends up with messy code, or bug galore and features that aren't even there.

Ruby might be the first step in learning how to build full on systems myself, and tailor them to how i wanted in the first place. I'll be using all the tutorials i can get, and hopefully, in a few days, i'll have something to say about where i am with it.