The two apparently, don't mix.

I've been spending time, on and off, for the last few years, developing a 'better' website for my dad who has been a driving instructor now for 10+ years. I always get about 60% of the way through the design, then have to take on other work. When i come back to the design, i don't like it.

The websites for the other driving schools in this area are laughable! Take a look here, here, here, and here and you'll see what I mean. In fact, I have never seen a driving school website that is nice. Ever.

It must be one of those professions where everything is literally word of mouth. I know the big player in England has a website that's acceptable - "BSM" - but that's because it's a huge company that's got money to pour into it.

But what about the little guys? What about the 'underdogs' of the driving school world?

When Naomi Atkinson spoke at NAconf in January, she showed a brief that her team completed for .net magazine for "The Milk Man". Something that we all used to have, but in this modern time, have neglected ( Due to supermarkets being kings ). Brought into a modern era of technology. THAT is what I'd like to do for my dad.

Maun Valley School Of Motoring

Something modern, Something that makes it easier for him? Something that can book lessons through the site? is that what I'd need? I know SEO is a massive thing that he needs...

The design changes on a weekly basis until something sticks, at the moment, nothing has stuck.

Do you have any examples of Driving School website that are decent?