There's a new drug on the market.

It's the most potent drug we've seen since LSD. The buzz you get off it, you might as well be a god. Capable of seeing into the future, depending on the dose of the hit, you could potentially see years ahead. Getting that amount of the drug though is risky and often comes with a price not many are willing to pay.

Oh, and the only downside to this drug is that your skin becomes super absorbent, meaning you glow like a lightbulb under UV light, the same kind of thing they check bank notes with.

This means you're detectable, and since the police put up new cameras to detect when anyone is seeking. Oh seeking is what you do when you use the drug, sort of a stupid spiritual meaning behind it, I guess it's been around a while longer than we knew about it.

So here kid, here's a sample. Take a hit. Tell me what you see.