Fridays have been left in disarray by the lack of new eateries in Mansfield of late. However, this is all about to change as we have some new fresh faces & fresh menus heading our way, and what better way to start than this:

@TheRusticCrust have found a pizza shaped gap in our diet and have successfully found a way to fill it.

Cooked from a 500 degree oven in the side of Poppy – a converted Landrover. The Rustic Crust have fused portability & great food in the most ingenious way.

The ability to transport a quality al-fresco restaurant means that you can have your favourite pizza restaurant anywhere, and with Rustic Crust popping up in a new location every Friday, you become more of a friend than a customer - since you don't feel tied down to visiting that one place in town.

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