Ever since I saw the Teenage Engineering Pocket Operator series, I knew that I wanted the rhythm module.

[audio mp3="http://eyeversuseye.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/po-12-jam.mp3"][/audio]

Teenage engineering are known for creating desirable products at expensive prices – something that you can't resist. However, they've partnered with Cheap Monday to create the Pocket Operator Series.

po-12 Playing with the PO-12 is almost too easy – Once you've figured out the sequencer, it's just a case of exploring

Armed with these pocked sized synths, you're able to create music on the go, chaining the three devices together or to other devices like your iPhone – Perfect for train journeys.

I'm hoping that this device can be hooked to other devices, such as the ototo, so i'm able to incorporate it into an interactive performance.

The Rhythm is also a pretty neat device to link with your guitar, although the buttons are small and there's no way to play different patterns while playing without using two hands, i'm sure there'll be a way to hack into it somehow...