I've always loved the process of making games. From back when I used to live in Leeds, having a developer live with me was the best thing to ever happen to my curiosity.

It also helped that at the time I was friends with the guys at Rockstar Leeds and spent a bunch of my time commuting home with them.

Since then though, I've only been able to work on games from a design perspective. Either designing how the games work, or creating assets for these games. But none of them ever got past their opening phase, it seemed to always be

  • Get an idea
  • Draw up concepts
  • Get excited about it
  • Project gets put on hold

I've technically started 5 games, but none of them have ever been playable.

  • The knight before - Fast paced running game with triggers
  • Dao - Complex board game based on Chinese game of the same name
  • Edward Grimm - Pokémon style game based on fairy tales
  • Pleasance - Wild west metroidvainia in space
  • PirJS - This one is still in development, it’s sort of a RTS game, but not quite.

Each game radically different from the last, but each never quite completed.

To put an end to this streak, I thought I'd put myself in the driving seat and build my own game.

This is that story.